Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I can hardly believe my last post was in November 2013.  Unbelievable. 

Since then, I've been spending time with my boys, of course we celebrated the holidays with family and had a blast. 

I've worked on some great new Quilt designs like the below for my newest nephew, Logan.  There is a general love for the Phillies and all things sports so I created a fitting quilt using red, blue and Phillies fabric for our newest cutie. 


The stitching is my favorite part!  I hope Logan enjoys it for many years to come. 

This little man of mine has grown even bigger.....

Here is his Christmas picture.  Please take notice of the frosting on his nose.  He was "helping" me make cupcakes.  Interestingly enough, he told me that somehow a cupcake left or should I say walked away before we were done decorating them all.  When I asked him how it walked  away he said it just did and promptly left the kitchen. 

I didn't yell at him. I couldn't.  Come on look at the cute face, but I have learned my lesson, don't leave cupcakes close enough to him so that they can "walk away" again.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Gift Card Stinginess

Have you ever been the recipient of a Gift Card and instantly become the most stingiest person on the planet.  That would be me right now. 

I have my hot little hands on a great gift card and I can't decide what to spend it on.  Moreover I'm trying to be creative with my book selection so I can get the most out of the card. 

For example, do you order a book with a future release date, which won't be available until February 2014 (ARGH!), or do you use it towards a book available now? But if you order a book that is now available, which do you choose, an older book that might not cost as much or treat yourself to a new release and say "Hell ya, you deserve it!"

I think examples are needed for assistance.....

Okay so this one is available for $6.99 and available now, but since its part of a set I'd have to get the others too, even though I was able to read them for free through the library, but you need the full set if you are going to buy the last in a series.  It just makes sense to have the full set, and you know there are many of you out there shaking your head and thinking, of course it does.

Allegiant (Divergent Series #3)

or should I try for this one...

The Undead Pool

Available February 25, 2014 for $15.99.  But it isn't available until FEBRUARY!!!! FEBURARY 2014 PEOPLE!!!!!
Yes, I know this is part of another series of books, but there are so many in the series that I would be able to collect them slowly.  Trust me since I've gone digital, something I never thought I would do, I've been able to amass a huge collection so this would fit in nicely on my NOOK with room to spare. 
Okay so here's another one...
Sweet Venom (Sweet Venom Series #1)
All photos courtesy of
Its only $8.99 and it reminds me of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but yet again another series.  What's with me and series books!!!!! 
Or should I just pick any one of the 63 books I have marked to read on my GoodReads list?
Indecisive right, if only all of my decisions could end up like this, with something good for me no matter what I decide.   Who knows maybe I'll get another card for the holidays and I can buy all of these! 
What would you do?